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Canaries Wireless no telephone? no problem! We offer wireless Internet connections to the south of Tenerife. Whether you need a high speed Internet connection on a permanent basis in your home or work place, or you are visiting Tenerife on holiday or business and need to be online, canarieswireless Internet connections are 24 hour online high-speed connections, you will always be connected to the Internet. They are much faster than 56k dial-up.To request our services, simply log onto our network and sign up for an account, its instant! You may use your account anywhere within our network coverage areas. If you have any problems signing up for an account, contact us. 1 Week Connection €19 - 24 Hours a day - 7 Days - Download 480 Kb/Sec - Upload 88 Kb/Sec - No limits 1 Month Connection €31,50 - 24 Hours a day - 1 Month - Download 480 Kb/Sec - Upload 88 Kb/Sec - No Limits Website design by Chris Punton Copyright (c) 2006. Canaries Wireless. All rights reserved. Wireless internet service 1 Week Wireless Internet Connection €19.00 / per week + Setup charge only if necessary 1 Month Wireless Internet Connection €31.50 / per month + Setup charge only if necessary 1 Year Wireless Internet Connection €300.00 / per year + Setup charge only if necessary Wireless Accesories PCI Wireless card for desktop computers 50 € PCMCIA Wireless card for laptops 50 € USB Wireless adaptor for any type of computer 35 € Installation of outdoor antenna, wiring and access point as client €150.00 (complete install subject to free servey) Indoor/outdoor antenna € please ask Canaries Wireless No Telephone? No Problem! - We supply wireless internet connections to the West Coast of Tenerife at affordable rates.