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Canaries Wireless no telephone? no problem! We offer wireless Internet connections to the south of Tenerife. Whether you need a high speed Internet connection on a permanent basis in your home or work place, or you are visiting Tenerife on holiday or business and need to be online, canarieswireless Internet connections are 24 hour online high-speed connections, you will always be connected to the Internet. They are much faster than 56k dial-up.To request our services, simply log onto our network and sign up for an account, its instant! You may use your account anywhere within our network coverage areas. If you have any problems signing up for an account, contact us. 1 Week Connection €19 - 24 Hours a day - 7 Days - Download 480 Kb/Sec - Upload 88 Kb/Sec - No limits 1 Month Connection €31,50 - 24 Hours a day - 1 Month - Download 480 Kb/Sec - Upload 88 Kb/Sec - No Limits Website design by Chris Punton Copyright (c) 2006. Canaries Wireless. All rights reserved. Temporaryconnections: Ideal for tourists visitng the Canary Islands and need to stay in touch, whether for business or for personal reasons. All you need to do is bring your wireless PCMCIA card with you (unless your laptop already has a wireless device) and sign up for a temporary connection and you're online! You will be sent the settings by email before you visit. The minimum account duration is 1 week. Permanent connections: If you don't have a telephone line but have a computer you can now have Internet, keep in touch with family by email, surf the Internet (the connection is an always on, 24 hour connection), maybe you need Internet for work purposes. Maybe you already have a telephone line? Our wireless Internet connections are similar to ADSL, much faster than your existing dial-up modem connection ans you don't have to worry about how long you are connected, it's a flat rate monthly payment! The minimum account duration is 1 month. Other services: We can carry out many other services for you, or your company such as the installation of networks, cabled or wireless, wireless webcams, etc... Contact us for a complete list of services we offer. We can also provide one-off Internet connections with-in our network coverage area. Maybe for a special event, meeting, etc... Contact us in advance to confirm coverage. Canaries Wireless No Telephone? No Problem! - We supply wireless internet connections to the West Coast of Tenerife at affordable rates.

Find out more on prices! Find out more on prices!